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How Greenhouse’s go-to-market service works

First we’ll spend 4-6 weeks developing messages that sell and update your site and key touchpoints. Then we’ll launch content and campaigns that share these messages and win your best-fit customers.
1. Messaging
When you pitch, you're already sharing messages that sell. The big question is - can you make these work at scale? Speaking to your entire audience, completely cold, is a different skill. I'll produce messaging that works incredibly bloody hard to help you win more customers.
2. Content and Campaigns
Content and campaigns are how you share your messages with your future customers. I'll build the simplest possible funnel needed to win customers, then I’ll handover to channel specialists and/or a full-time marketing hire who can scale what we've proved works.

What to expect from working together

Over seven years i've built a reliable process for growing B2B software business with content and campaigns. Here's what that looks like in practice.
Planning and reporting
I work on quarterly planning cycles and weekly sprints. I like OKRs.
You’ll only work with me
Greenhouse is just me. I won’t give your project to a junior to manage.
Talented freelancers
I may recommend freelancers to help us do more. I won’t take a cut.
Caps on client numbers
I work with max four clients at a time, so your business means a lot.
Project management
I use Notion for planning, updates and delivery.
I live in Sydney, but I’ll make sure some of our working hours overlap.

What clients say about my process

We couldn’t have got this far without Alan. From preparing our strategy, testing campaigns, and helping us hire the right Head of Marketing, he’s taken us through a clear process for growing our business, and we’re in a great position now because of it.
Bruno Munro-Lafon,
Founder at Lets Flo
Alan is great at getting results from content, so I wanted to keep working with as he moved to Sydney. Strangely, the time difference has made him easier to work with. Because he’s so organised, we only need to catch up for half an hour each week.
Julian Moore,
CMO at Penfold

What I need from you

You've got lots on, so I'll make this as productive as possible. Though there are a few things I need from you to ensure our project is a success.

Clear commercial strategy

Our marketing efforts won’t work unless your business has clear goals to work towards.

One hour / week of your time

Half an hour to catch up, half an hour to review work delivered.

A quick

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