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Shit-hot at sales but struggling to scale? My system for attracting quality inbound opportunities means you'll close more deals and sustainably build your commercial team.
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Penfold case study
LetsFlo case study
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Scale what makes you special

Early-stage founders usually feel let down by their marketing. They struggle to find marketers that understand their business, work out how customers buy, and prioritise quality, differentiated content and campaigns without a big team or budget. Fortunately, that’s exactly what I've been doing for the past seven years.

Get your messages to market

Build & capture demand

Clear the path for efficient growth

Your marketing efforts should be predictable, repeatable and profitable before you invest heavily in growth. I’ll get you there fast by building funnels to win your best-fit customers based on how they learn and buy. Then I’ll hand over to specialist freelancers that can help you scale channels, or help you find a full-time marketing hire.

Unlock your next growth stage

Spend efficiently

Who is Greenhouse for?

My go-to-market service is for founders and commercial leads at B2B SaaS businesses like yours.

You need strategy and execution

Your strategy docs shouldn’t gather dust in a Google Drive. I believe that - at early start-ups - the person who develops the strategy should also deliver the work. So that's exactly what I do, with a freelance team if needed.

You need focus and structure

Marketing is a buffet. But if you try everything, you’re dead. Don’t waste runway on stuff that’s never going to work. I do as little as possible to win customers. Because that’s what’s most efficient (not because I’m lazy).

You need access to freelance talent

I work with a team of freelance copywriters, designers, web devs, and videographers. They bill you directly and you can work with them independently, so their expertise won't disappear when our GTM project is complete.

Get your message out there. Get customers.

Reaching your audience with the right message is the most efficient way to grow a SaaS business. My clients agree.


Grew organic qualified leads 3X within 9 months


Grew sign ups from the blog 17X with free tools and blogs


New site, new messaging, new sales deck from scratch in seven weeks

Linkedin Ads

Grew qualified leads 3X and launched campaign with 80X ROI

Sales Content

Led creation of case studies, videos, competitor pages, tools to get B2B product to market


Niche weekly email became engaged community and helped grow pipeline 5X within a year

Simple pricing and process

I'll unlock your next stage of growth with a proven process for developing messaging and successful campaigns.
Pricing and process shown below because greenhouses are always transparent.
From $3,450
Takes 4-6 weeks. Pricing in USD.
I'll figure out which messages you should share with your best-fit prospects
Customer and prospect research
Competitor research
Calls with you and your team
Clear messaging document
Sales narrative that makes messaging usable in any context
Product narratives for platform and features
Clear definition of your mission
Talking points to engage audience with higher-funnel content
Message workshop so your team are all aligned
Update your site to reflect new messaging
Update other commercial touchpoints with new messaging, e.g. your decks.
From $2,450/month
Takes 3-6 months. Pricing in USD.
I’ll build the content and launch the campaigns you need to generate pipeline
List of highest value campaigns, prioritised by impact
Build reliable funnels from awareness to conversion
Source freelance resource needed to grow and scale campaigns
Quarterly OKRs
Monthly reports
Weekly sprints
Produce content with team of freelancers
Launch campaigns, e.g. search, social, site, ads, account-based, email marketing
Find channel specialists to scale proven approach
Find full-time marketing lead to take you to next growth stage

My, look how they've grown!

My clients have some nice things to say about me.

Led a team of freelancers to build content for social and search that grew organic leads 300% within nine months - all without an internal marketing team!

Delivered a content strategy and new site with hyper-focused messaging that made Nest the category leader, doubling revenue and growing pipeline 5X in a year.

Built a content calendar tool that attracted 500+ sign ups via search by hitting the top spot for 'Content Calendar' on Google. An important term for ContentCal!

Greatest hits ♪

Here's what to expect from your campaigns when you put the best message in front of the right audience
LetsFlo case study

The cold Linkedin ad campaign with 80X ROI

How can you tell if you've hit the right audience with the right message? You get 80X ROI from your cold ad campaign, that's how! Sending the right message to target accounts filled pipeline within just two weeks...


The high-intent search campaign that won 160 sign ups / month

Nothing beats reaching a big audience with content that feeds directly into what you do. Publishing search blogs and building tools for 'content calendar' terms grew sign ups from 10 - 170/month for content scheduling tool ContentCal.


The account-based approach that grew pipeline 5X in a year

Sometimes the best message is the most consistent. Daily Linkedin posts, weekly email round-ups, and quarterly reports with Facebook performance data helped Nest dominate their space and grow pipeline 5X within just a year.

Penfold case study

The sales content that made go-to-market simple

Relaunching as a B2B platform isn’t easy. But by leading a freelance team of devs and designers to produce case studies, calculators and competitor pages, I gave the sales team everything they needed to sell to their new HR & accountant audiences.


What is Greenhouse?

Greenhouse is a service I put together to help businesses go-to-market quickly and efficiently. I started it because I see so many businesses mis-step early on and waste runway on content and campaigns that either never work, or appear to work, but never drive a meaningful commercial result.

When will I see results?

That depends on what campaigns we run. Conversion changes have an immediate impact, while search can take up to six months to kick in. Either way, we'll agree on objectives at the start of each quarter, along with the key results we need to move them forward.

What kind of channels do you use to run campaigns?

Channels are important, and I've got a good knowledge of search, social and email, among others. But for early start-ups there's less advantage to being a specialised channel expert and more advantage to having a good-enough understanding of how they work, paired with an excellent understanding of how to develop and share differentiated, engaging messages that win customers. A deep understanding of your key channels becomes important later, as look to scale your high-value channels most efficiently.

Do you work with a team?

Greenhouse is just me, though I bring on freelance help where needed, and to fit your budget. That includes web devs, content writers, designers, and others. They will bill you separately, and you'll be able to work with these freelancers directly after the project. I'll also work with your internal team, of course.

Can we get started on campaigns right away?

If your messaging is performing and you're confident on answers to questions I'll ask about your audience and competition, then we can get started on campaigns right away. There are usually a couple of gaps I need to fill in our strategy before we can start on campaigns. This is just to give our efforts the best chance of success. But I'll always try to be as flexible as possible.

Where can I learn more about your process?

You can read more on the How It Works page, and I also wrote a book called Fast Forward that brings together everything I know about growing software businesses with content.

What will we have achieved by the end of the project?

You'll win customers at sustainable acquisition costs. You'll understand how to reach your next growth stage by scaling the content and campaigns that are already driving qualified leads. And you'll know the skillset of the full-time marketer you need to hire to make that happen.

How do I get started?

Book a call with me and let's talk about what you're trying to achieve. Then I'll work out how we'll get there and propose the outline of our project, tied to your business objectives. Then it's up to you to decide whether to take this forward.

Random one. Where has your B2B choose-your-own-adventure site gone?

The site is still alive and kicking over at if you wanted to have a play :)

Let's talk about turning your messages into content into customers

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